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Double-Take Solution


Double-Take® Software Product Suite Just Got Easier!

Double-Take® Software’s workload optimization suite is now consolidated into four easy-to-use products that solve the most challenging IT issues. Double-Take Software products just became more streamlined and flexible for:

  • Disaster recovery and high availability for critical servers across any distance and any combination of physical and virtual server environments. 
  • Performing live server migrations across any physical or virtual hardware platform  (P2V, V2V, V2P, X2X)
  • Backup and recovery of full server workloads and providing continuous data protection (CDP) for point-in-time restoration
  • Provisioning workstations and PXE boot servers to ease deployment and management of enterprise data centers


Double-Take Availability

Double-Take® Availability provides affordable data protection and ensures minimal data loss while providing high availability during any system outage. Double-Take Availability replicates changes in real time to one or more servers at any location, locally or globally.  Double-Take Availability is available for Windows or Linux, supports Small Business Server and virtual servers on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware Vsphere platforms. Clustering is fast and simple with the GeoCluster feature.


Double-Take Backup

Double-Take® Backup enables continuous data protection (CDP), full-server backup and recovery, hardware-independent on-demand restoration for any-point-in-time recovery and storage optimization capabilities to reduce the pain of tape backup and recovery.


Double-Take Move

Double-Take® Move is the first  and only server migration product that can migrate live server workloads across virtualization platforms. Double-Take Move revolutionizes the server migration process with real-time data movement and hardware-independent conversion technology that make workloads simple for administrators to move and consolidate, minimizing the impact on user productivity. With Double-Take Move behind your migrations, users always have access to data and applications so there’s little or no downtime. Migrations can take place during business hours - no more weekends or late nights for IT staff to provision new or consolidate existing hardware.


Double-Take Flex

Double-Take® Flex provides easy desktop and server provisioning and management, while increasing the level of control that you have over your current infrastructure. Double-Take Flex creates shared network PXE boot volumes that can be provisioned once and assigned to many machines in order to PXE boot from an iSCSI SAN. Double-Take Flex turns any Windows server into an iSCSI SAN to manage PXE boot volumes with its built-in iSCSI tools, provides centralized management to rapidly provision multiple new workstations or servers all while keeping them highly secure.


Double-Take Cloud

Double-Take Cloud provides real-time server replication that captures all changes to your data and applications and securely stores them in the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) infrastructure. Businesses of any size can create a highly efficient and effective disaster recovery plan by leveraging the cloud computing Recovery as a Service (RaaS) model, eliminating the need for costly dedicated DR data centers and the associated hardware, software, real estate, power, cooling and management overhead. When needed, you can recover to the cloud servers, paying only for the space and capacity used, and only for the time you use them. View the getting started guide or buy now and get protected today!